Sky Welch

About me

Hi! I’m Sky, a Software Engineer living in Edinburgh, Scotland. My professional focuses are native mobile development, and related infrastructure, for both iOS and Android.

I’ve been working on mobile products at FanDuel for about a year, currently situated in Quartermile. I’m also a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, with a first-class degree in Computer Science.

I write and maintain a fair amount of open source software, written largely in Kotlin. My work involves the use of Swift, Java, Objective C and Python.

If you think we should talk about something professional, please contact me through LinkedIn. I don’t always reply to recruiters, but feel free to drop me a message.

patreon If you’d like to support my open-source work, please consider tipping through Patreon.

Stuff I’ve made

Willow Chat is an umbrella organisation for a number of my chat related projects. Warren and Kale are IRCv3 frameworks written in Kotlin. Thump is a Minecraft chat multiplexer, (with an IRC plugin made using Warren and Kale), that lets users chat with players in-game, and vice-versa.

“Bunnies as a Service” is a public API that returns bunny related resources, with a web client at The loop to the right of this paragraph is provided by the API - try clicking it!

Some other Minecraft related projects I’ve worked on include MultiMC, a popular Minecraft launcher, and EnderTech, a Minecraft mod, with several million downloads between them.

My Honours Project, Fractal Maps, is an Android application for interactively exploring the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

Recent posts

Sometimes I write blog posts:

I'm on Patreon!

You can now support my charity efforts, and free and open-source work, on Patreon. Why? Getting supported by users of your stuff, and fans, is really motivating! I dislike blanket advertising and avoid it where possible, so despite having millions of users / downloads / page views on a variety of moderately... »

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Introducing Willow Chat 🎉

Willow Chat is a new umbrella organisation for my chat related projects. Over the last year or so I’ve ended up with quite a few, so collecting them under a single entity made sense. Why? Private products, like Slack, HipChat, and Telegram offer some great chat experiences. IRC has been lagging behind,... »

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Why I Like Kotlin

These are short examples of nice things I use regularly in Kotlin that Java either doesn’t natively offer, or it does clunkily. If you like the looks of these, go check out the Kotlin reference. All of Kotlin’s features are quite well documented there. // Data classes data class Something(val something: String)... »

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What I'm working on this year

A number of people in and out of work commented that I usually seem to be working on something, but that I’m not very good at making it visible. Although I don’t do it for publicity, a personal goal is to be better about articulating what I’m working on - so here’s... »